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WARHALL is now only

accesible on KICKSTARTER

Try Warhall for free during two weeks (until June 14th) during our Kickstarter campaign.

Pledge our Kickstarter to get unique Warhall Beta access during the next four months. This is the only way to access our Beta and is open to EVERYONE but just until June 14th.

Discover new armies models and get exclusive rewards and discounts. Obtain a unique Warhall Champion model , that you can print  it's .STL file, or put your name forever in the Founding Fathers Obelisk, a playable impassible terrain in game. Get access to Tahpria Scenario Desert, our first extra downloadable scenario pack.

Don´t miss this exclusive opportunity!

Warhall Champion

Founding Fathers Obelisk

Taphria desert scenario pack

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