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Warhall is FREE TO PLAY in it's basic verison.

WARHALL offers a PRO version which brings additional tools and functions that will make the delight of your gaming experience. It also comes with visual improvements that will transport you to the battlefield.


Warhall Pro

Warhall Pro - Battleground


Warhall Pro - Unit


- Import full army list

- Reform button

- Unit stats panel

- Rules panel

- Mark all units

- Wound marking

- Deployment lines and maps

- Minimum distance between units
- Game information (see lists)
- Record games using screenshots
- Rotate unit from center to exact center
- Rotate unit exactly 90 degrees
- Show unit pivot angles
- Permanent vision lines
- Radios from unit

- Customize army color

Warhall Free

Warhall free - Battleground

Warhall free - Unit

Compared with other

- Access to complete list of 9th age armies & units

- Natural wheeling and moving of units

- Editable shortcuts for all actions

- Save and Load

- Magnetic models

- Measure with mouse (click wheel)

- All magic card tokens

- 3D and 2D view

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