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Patch Notes

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Events List

Alpha V0.10

02/ 02 / 2021

  • Added screenshots taking

  • Added Import list area

  • Added number of players connected

  • Polished player list

  • Added hidden option to remove UI (Shift + H)

  • Fixed tooltips off screen

  • Fixed guests able to interact with battlefield menu

  • Fixed Dwarven Holds BSB bug

  • Fixed room creation time

  • Fixed create unit bug for incorrect Rank & File


18 / 09/ 2023

  • Added adds on free users

  • Added unit miniatures images

  • Added loading screen image

  • Fixed Russian connection issue

  • Fixed units with lots of special rules to fit into panel

  • Fixed add and remove soldier shortcut

  • Removing soldiers leaves champion of units for last

  • Added 3” token to be used as portals for Hellmaws

  • Added “Enter” to execute a rule search


25 / 07/ 2023

  • Fixed bug: Empty room on joining a game as spectator

  • Fixed bug: Objectives move when spectator enters the room

  • Added long-press click on remove/add wounds to multi edit

  • Duplicate units can now collide with players own units

  • Duplicated units not showing on screenshots

  • Fixed tournament data sent directly to NR

  • Loading a saved game now continues on original game report

  • Added color to dead units in game report tool

  • Showing dead units, points and who got objective on game report

  • Unit names on deployment on game report tool

  • Added date of games on game report tool

  • UI scroll fixed on spell panel

  • Added flux card back image

  • Thinner selection border

  • Fixed autosave to now save games when user is a spectator

  • Fixed bug: moving UI when removing/adding wounds

  • Fixed bug: GameInfo when player disconnected his marked units disappeared

  • Fixed bug: GameInfo no resetting of points

  • Fixed bug: Random terrain in Armada

  • Fixed bug: Random maps shows “chosen”

  • Fixed bug: Menu dropdowns disappearing when resizing screen

  • Fixed bug: End turn clickable by spectators in Armada

  • Fixed bug: Armada multi-selecting tokens

  • Fixed bug: Armada pen

  • Fixed bug: When playing two tournaments, user can select which one


02/ 06/ 2023

  • New game report feature

  • New Armada fleet: Empire of Dust

  • Fixed bug: Flipped terrain

  • Fixed bug: Disappearing rooms

  • Fixed bug: Flux card draw

  • Fixed bug: Reverse flux card when loading game

  • Fixed bug: Magnet in Armada

  • Made flux card opaque until reveal


11/ 05/ 2023

  • Added new T9a Orcs and Goblins

  • Added new Armada Dwarfs

  • Fixed bug “all-in-the-middle-and-reconnecting”

  • Fixed bug floating tokens

  • Fixed bug where player join/leaves moves objectives


26/ 04/ 2023

  • Armada game added


22/ 03/ 2023

  • Game Info counting of points fixed

  • Loading a game now loads lists too

  • Fixed some rules not showing

  • Fixed game info not showing long lists


28/ 02/ 2023

  • Added auto login

  • Added transparency to unit pivot handlers

  • Added buttons to card stack to draw, flush and reset

  • Polished UI for “Private” option on new room

  • Fixed bug “Already in the room”

  • Fixed bug where lists showed 0 soldiers

  • Fixed radius “enter” to apply value

  • Fixed champions & characters different base color

  • Fixed in game zooming with open UI panels

  • Fixed add models to unit are not from command group

  • Fixed chat on Android and iOS

  • Fixed ASWD keys not working on web

  • Fixed second tournament selection issue

  • Fixed pen button not unchecking

  • Fixed double card stack issue

  • Fixed random terrain

  • Fixed base high issues

  • Fixed various models


28/ 12/ 2022

  • New UI Interface

  • Added WAP support

  • Tournament games auto-report

  • Added room filters in lobby

  • Warhall Tutorial added

  • Duplicate unit

  • Resizable terrain pieces

  • Added room filters in lobby

  • Warhall Intro video added

  • Added soldier destroy animation

  • Improved ruler

  • Permanent unit rotate handlers

  • Remember password

  • Fixed unit info panel on Mac

  • Fixed drawing at the same time

  • Fixed draw icon stuck

  • Fixed objective link to units

  • Fixed load of flux cards

  • Fixed spectators can see lists

  • Show degrees on pivots

  • Show - sign on backward pivots

  • Improved menu despawn time

  • KeyPad Enter can be used as main Enter

  • Ordered armies alphabetically on dropdown


27/ 10 / 2022

  • New Warhall Warrior skin

  • Terms & conditions on first login

  • Added more colored tokens

  • Bug report button

  • Adaptable battle size

  • Wounds on by default

  • Message sound off by default

  • Account security measures

  • New Recruit account linking


16/ 09 / 2022

  • Fixed SA spells

  • Fixed SA models

  • Updated selection visuals for better performance

  • Fixed bug screenshot taken on flux card draw

  • Fixed Thyroscotus

  • Fixed SA champions big base

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